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The heat pump. Ecological heating and cooling.

The outdoor unit of the air-source heat pump impresses with its modern design.

Heating and cooling with a heat pump – ecological and future-proof

Thermal energy can be found naturally in the ambient air, in the earth and in the ground water. With state-of-the-art heat pump technology and a little electrical drive energy, this freely available environmental energy can be used to generate domestic hot water, heat living spaces and even provide cooling in summer.

Heat pumps are particularly efficient when used in new buildings because of optimal thermal insulation and underfloor heating. Equipped with the latest technology, heat pump models from Hoval are also ideal for renovation projects. This is because they can even supply the higher temperatures that the radiators need. But please bear in mind that heat pumps are genuine low-temperature heating systems.

If you use green electricity or even your own photovoltaic plant to operate the system, the heat pump represents a clean, sustainable solution for the future – independent of fossil fuels, climate-friendly, lean and economical in operation. These benefits – and the availability of attractive funding – make the heat pump the most popular heating system among house builders.

Individual heating solution

From renovations to new buildings, Hoval has the ideal heating solution for your individual needs. Hoval heat pumps are ideal for combining. A central controller coordinates the components, including online via HovalConnect.

Ideal with photovoltaics

The innovative EnergyManager PV smart from Hoval automatically adapts the management of heat production to the predicted electricity surplus of the photovoltaic system and uses this to run your heat pump economically. Real-time weather data also increases efficiency.

Environmentally friendly combinations

Equipped with the CleverCool cooling function, heat pumps from Hoval keep the indoor climate pleasant in summer. Depending on the heat pump model, you will enjoy maximum comfort with active or passive building cooling.

The new heat pump uses free environmental energy, is much more efficient than gas heating, and I was able to benefit from lucrative funding.
Herbert Walter
Owner of a single-family home in Burgenland


How does a heat pump work?

An air-source heat pump generates warm water from aspired fresh air. Less commonly, the earth (ground-source heat pump) or ground water (water-source heat pump) is used as a natural energy source. But how is it possible to turn outdoor temperatures in winter into heat? The principle is similar to that of a refrigerator, only in reverse. A refrigerant is circulated in the heat exchanger of the heat pump. The higher temperatures needed to heat up the heating water and raw water are generated in a circuit made up of an evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve. For this process, 20–25% electrical power is used as drive energy and 75–80% freely available ambient energy from air, earth or water is required. To activate the cooling function in summer, this process is reversed.

You will find more details on how a heat pump works in our article “The simple operating principle of heat pumps”. 

The functional principle of a heat pump in detail.

Air, water or ground-source heat pump – which is right for me?

Air, earth and ground water can be used as an energy source for heating a heat pump. The structural and geological conditions will determine which heat pump is most suitable for your building project. The requirements when it comes to room temperature and domestic hot water, the building technology budget and personal preferences are also factors when choosing the right heating system.

Get a quick overview of the three most common types of heat pump here or find out more in-depth information in our article “Which heat pump is right for me?”.

Air, water or ground-source heat pump – which is best for me?

Air/water heat pumps

What could be more obvious than to use the ambient air as a freely available and inexhaustible energy source? An air/water heat pump heats highly efficiently and reliably by extracting heat from fresh air. By making use of green energy or solar power – perhaps even from your own photovoltaic system – to generate the power needed by the compressor, you will be able to ensure particularly sustainable heating, cooling and bathing. An air-source heat pump is relatively easy to install since no complex preparatory work is required inside or outside the building. In addition, there is no official approval procedure. Air/water heat pumps from Hoval are available for outdoor installation, indoor installation and in a split design. 

Brine/water heat pumps

The brine/water heat pump draws the required energy directly from the earth – a constant heat reservoir that is not dependent on the time of day or the seasons. Ground-source heat pumps are best suited to new buildings since they require extensive construction work on the property. A distinction is made between vertical geothermal probes, which are installed at a depth of between 100 and 300 m, and surface collectors, which are installed at ground level. Both comprise a system of pipes through which a brine of water and frost protection agent is pumped. Surface collectors involve extensive earthworks and restrictions regarding the design of the outdoor space. Official approval may be required for depth drilling. 

Water/water heat pumps

The water/water heat pump uses the ground water as a renewable energy source. The constant, year-round temperature of 8–12°C guarantees optimal heating and cooling operation. For a functioning circuit, a suction well and an absorption well are made to the ground water level. The approval required under water resources legislation and the technical requirements for the drilling work must always be clarified in advance. If the hydro-geological inspection is positive, the higher investment pays off in the long term due to the exceptionally high seasonal energy efficiency ratio of the ground water-source heat pump.

Air/water heat pumps for outdoor installation

UltraSource. The all-rounder for a single-family home

The UltraSource B air/water heat pump in split design is particularly suitable for single-family homes and is a future-proof heating solution for new buildings. Its outdoor unit impresses with its quiet operations and high-quality, state-of-the-art design. The UltraSource B heats, provides domestic hot water and cools in summer if required: the CleverCool cooling function is available as an option. A domestic hot water storage tank is also integrated into the indoor unit in the compact version.

Belaria pro. Future-ready– naturally

Installed outdoors, there will always be a perfect place for the Belaria pro. It is equipped with a natural refrigerant so that it meets the legislation of tomorrow – today. It saves space inside the home. The Belaria pro is available in two versions: comfort and compact. The wall-mounted comfort indoor unit offers a high level of convenience for domestic hot water with its flexible choice of domestic water storage tank. The compact version is a floor-mounted 2-in-1 solution – indoor unit and storage system in one. Whether you choose the comfort or compact version, the integrated CleverCool cooling function will ensure a comfortable climate in your home, even in summer. Due to its flow temperature of up to 70°C, the Belaria pro is ideal for renovation projects. The existing radiators can continue to be used without any modifications.

Air/water heat pumps installed indoors

Belaria comfort ICM. The invisible air/water heat pump

Unlike most air/water heat pumps, the Belaria comfort ICM is located inside the home and is invisible from the outside. The only connections that are visible from the outside are those that allow the air to enter the heat pump and then flow back out again once the heat has been collected. Like all Hoval air/water heat pumps, the Belaria comfort ICM adapts its output seamlessly to the heat output required. In addition to efficiency, this adapted output has a further advantage: when the heat pump is working at reduced output, it is even quieter than usual – and it is already very quiet thanks to its superb sound insulation. When “silent operation” is activated, the noise level is reduced even further. This means the Belaria comfort ICM is both “invisible” and virtually silent.

Brine/water and water/water heat pumps installed indoors

UltraSource T. Virtually silent as a result of perfectly matched components.

The UltraSource T brine/water or water/water heat pump is particularly suitable for installation in homes as it is so quiet in operation. The UltraSource T uses the constant temperature of the earth or ground water for heating and for generating domestic hot water. A domestic hot water storage tank is also integrated into the compact version. The CleverCool cooling function can also be ordered if required. A sustainable heating system for single-family homes, recommended for new buildings and renovation projects.

Thermalia comfort. The compact solution for every application.

With the Thermalia comfort heat pump, Hoval can offer interesting models for new buildings and for replacing the heating in single-family homes. The extremely powerful heat pump for indoor installation uses energy from the earth or ground water to supply any home with heat and domestic hot water based on demand. 

In the high-temperature version “H”, the Thermalia ground water-source or ground-source heat pump with flow temperatures of up to 67°C is ideal for the renovation of existing buildings. Existing radiators can continue to be used while the compact dimensions ensure easy installation in any home.

Is funding available for heat pumps?

There are numerous sources of funding for climate-friendly and energy-efficient heating technologies in Austria. Financial support is available at a federal, state and municipal level for new heating systems. Hoval provides an online search function for sources of heating funding so that you can maintain an overview and find suitable funding programmes. It is based on a database that acts as a central point of up-to-date information on projects and focus areas for a diverse range of funding providers.
Using the free Hoval funding calculator, you can view federal and state funding options at a glance with just a few clicks.

If the heating system is soon to be replaced, it is worth keeping an eye out for possible funding options.

Enjoy 3, 6 or 12 years’ peace of mind with the warranty packages from Hoval.

Enjoy an all-round feeling of comfort with the Hoval warranty packages

The Hoval customer service team inspects the status and optimises the settings of your heat pump. A regular professional check – carried out by highly qualified technicians – will ensure your heating system is running correctly and provide you with the peace of mind you need on a daily basis. As well as saving energy and money, regular maintenance also helps to prevent faults and extend your heat pump’s service life – another contribution to a sustainable heating system.