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The indoor climate systems. Flexible, space-saving solutions.

Heating, cooling and ventilation of high halls for an optimum indoor climate.

Decentralised indoor climate solutions for large halls – flexible, space-saving and efficient.

Hoval designs tailored indoor climate systems to meet the complex requirements of production halls, warehouses, sports facilities, workshops, specialist stores and supermarkets. With decades of indoor climate expertise and efficient technology, Hoval provides a complete solution for any structural situation, room height and type of use. The interaction between the units for ventilation, heating and cooling creates a healthy indoor climate as well as ideal storage conditions with minimal energy consumption. In logistics and industry, this means maximum safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness in ongoing operations. The decentralised systems offer flexibility, as shown by the straightforward installation process, but also when a hall needs to be reorganised or expanded: the systems are easy to adapt and grow as your requirements do!

Custom solution

A decentralised indoor climate solution is suitable for single-storey large spaces of all types – from workshops to high bay warehouses. The system supplies fresh air, extracts used air and provides heating and cooling. The modules are individually combined to meet any requirement.

Efficient technology

At the heart of the Hoval indoor climate systems is the patented Air-Injector for ventilation without the draughts. It is effective at ensuring the air that enters the room is fresh and – if necessary – at the right temperature. The sophisticated technology saves space, energy and effort.

Reliable & economical

The Hoval software controls the individual units and ensures that their interaction is optimal. For the highest environmental standards and minimal operating costs, low-emission energy sources and condensing technology are used.

The units work well with each other but can also be controlled separately, meaning that the exchange of air in the hall is ensured at all times.
Christoph Dommermuth, Technical Operations Manager at Veeser Plastic

The functional principles of a decentralised indoor climate system.

How a decentralised indoor climate system works – decentralised and modular

Installed in a select number of specific locations, these units ensure optimum climate conditions throughout the entire hall, even where different requirements are involved. The supply and extract air handling units, supply air units and recirculation units are equipped with optimised air distribution and, if desired, their own heat and cold generation system based on a heat pump.

Indoor climate solutions from Hoval require little space and can be optimally adapted in line with the building’s use.

What advantages does your decentralised indoor climate solution offer?

Quick and easy to plan, our systems can be perfectly integrated into virtually any environment without the need for structural measures.
And if things change in the future, our solutions simply develop along with your plans.
Whether you’re converting or expanding, the modular structure of the Hoval systems allows you to adapt to new challenges with minimal expense and low investment costs.

Further advantages
•    Ductless system
•    Units can be accessed and maintained from the roof
•    There is no need for an additional equipment room

The Air-Injector facilitates optimal air distribution adapted to the requirements of the hall.

Patented air supply and distribution from the Hoval Air-Injector

Heating, cooling and ventilation in one unit 

The Air-Injector’s powerful, efficient air distribution allows the components to cover a large operating area, meaning that only a relatively low air flow rate is required. This saves not only on investment costs, but also on drive energy and operating costs too.

Potential energy savings for specific applications can quickly and easily be calculated.

RoofVent supply and extract air handling unit – it doesn’t get any more efficient than this.

RoofVent supply and extract air handling unit – it doesn’t get any more efficient than this. 
The units in the RoofVent product range control the supply of filtered fresh air and the removal of extract air through the roof – all while guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency. 
From planning to maintenance, the effort involved in air-conditioning high halls is reduced significantly when compared to central ventilation systems, as there is no need for an air distribution network. This helps to save on investment and operating costs. The main reasons for the low energy consumption are the patented Air-Injector and the energy recovery through a highly efficient plate heat exchanger. For a particularly economical and ecological indoor climate solution, the RoofVent modules can be operated in combination with heat pumps for heating and cooling. RoofVent units are available in various sizes and versions and with different optional equipment, making the indoor climate system flexible enough to be adapted to any project.

TopVent C/S roof ventilation units for undisturbed hall operation.

The new roof ventilation units were specially developed for the requirements of modern logistics, production or industrial halls. They are the perfect partner for the tried-and-tested decentralised Hoval indoor climate systems in applications requiring undisturbed hall operation at a constant temperature. The units are installed on prefabricated roof frames and prepared roof ducts, and all of the installation work is carried out from the roof. What’s more, all components that require maintenance can also be accessed from the roof, meaning that regular maintenance and service work can be carried out without affecting the infrastructure and work processes in the hall. This reduces idle times for production machinery and makes it easier to plan maintenance work. In addition, the TopVent C/S roof units expand the zone-based Hoval control concept, with different unit types combined together in a flexible manner. This allows different areas of the hall to be heated or cooled and, if necessary, ventilated. The dimensions of the decentralised Hoval indoor climate systems can be adapted to the requirements in question. And by combining the operating modes of different units and employing optimised control functions, it is possible to ensure economical system operation. In addition, the tried-and-tested Hoval Air-Injector ensures optimum air distribution and low temperature stratification.

TopVent supply air and recirculation units – the future of hall air conditioning.

The TopVent product range has been specially developed for air-conditioning high halls. The supply air and recirculation units offer a cost-effective solution for heating and cooling large spaces. From high bay warehouses to DIY stores and supermarkets, the wide range of models means the TopVent series can meet the most diverse requirements and individual customer requests. The recirculation unit is installed under the ceiling. It takes in room air, heats or cools it and blows it back into the room through the Air-Injector. The supply air unit is installed in the roof and supplies the hall with temperature-controlled fresh air with the optional fresh air supply. Thanks to their high performance and efficient air distribution, the TopVent modules cover a large area. Therefore, compared to other systems, fewer units are needed to achieve the desired indoor climate. The combination of decentralised and central heat and cold generation and decentralised ventilation unit is particularly sustainable.

TopVent gas recirculation and supply air units – generate heat where you need it.

The recirculation units and supply air units are equipped with a direct gas-fired heat exchanger for heating purposes. The modulating premix burner ensures economical and low-emission operation. On the TopVent models for halls up to 25 metres in height, the integrated Air-Injector can be adjusted continuously for highly efficient air distribution. With the Hoval TopTronic C system controller, temperatures can be controlled based on needs and energy efficiency can be optimised.

All TopVent indoor heating units are delivered ready for connection with flue gas accessories and suspension set for simple ceiling or wall installation. Due to the decentralised heat generation, no boiler room or water pipes are required, reducing investment costs.

Enjoy an all-round feeling of comfort with customised maintenance agreements

A maintenance agreement that suits the individual requirements of your plant and your personal safety needs. Our service packages protect your investment and allow you to benefit from a safe, reliable climate solution. The Hoval experts inspect the status of your system and optimise its settings. If your system solution is running correctly, you will save energy and money. Regular maintenance will prevent faults and extend your system’s service life – another contribution to a sustainable indoor climate solution.