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The system controller. Comfort and efficiency with smart technology from a single source.

The entire Hoval product family uses Hoval TopTronic E as a uniform system control. All Hoval devices in the building - such as boilers, heat pumps, and water storage - can be connected to form an efficient overall system. The components can be coordinated with each other so that they provide maximum performance with minimal energy input. In order to reduce heating costs while increasing comfort, the control system can take the online weather forecast into account in addition to the needs of the user. The weather-compensated heating controller from Hoval can proactively calculate the expected yield of the solar system in order to achieve the desired temperatures in a particularly energy-saving manner: This optimizes your own consumption of free solar energy while conserving other resources. With the intuitive colour touchscreen, the room climate, hot water, etc. can be easily monitored and controlled smartly.


The innovative modular control TopTronic E is installed as standard in Hoval boilers, heat pumps and water heaters. It enables the smart control of a wide variety of individual system combinations.


One for all: The uniform TopTronic E control manages all Hoval systems via a digital, intuitive operating module. From indoor climate to hot water, you have all functions under control on the touchscreen or with the app.


Perfectly coordinated Hoval components and online tools such as the weather forecast optimise the economical operation of the heating, cooling and ventilation systems. The efficient interaction reduces energy costs with full comfort."

Thanks to the modular structure of the system control, the individual products can be easily combined to form energy-efficient systems.

Peter Schatte
Head of Product Management Regulations

The modular TopTronic E system control guarantees an energy efficient interaction of all Hoval systems. Heat generators and hot water charging systems are controlled individually and optimised as an overall system. You enjoy an ideal indoor climate, while the user-friendly high-tech control ensures ecological, economical and reliable operation. With HovalConnect you can easily control your heating and comfort ventilation remotely. The intelligent control even uses current online weather data and adjusts the heating operation accordingly. In this way you can save costs in an environmentally friendly way with top comfort.

TopTronic E control modules. Simple and intuitive.

The TopTronic E system control is characterised by a user-friendly operating concept, with a uniform display on the internet-enabled Hoval devices, on the touchscreen and as an app for on the go. The integrated control helps to save energy when heating by easily adjusting individual operating times.

Other components can be operated via the same display, which fits into any ambience with its elegant design in white or black. With the integrated system control, you always have important information about the system, including service and maintenance, in view.

HovalSupervisor. The entire system under control at all times.

With the HovalSupervisor control system, you can visualise, control and optimise your systems and their processes centrally - from energy generation to the energy networks. The tried and tested control technology has been expanded in version 4.0 to include dynamic visualisation modules for Hoval energy generators.

With HovalSupervisor you can monitor all system-relevant data and, thanks to targeted programming, optimise network operations. The automatic reading of the M-Bus-capable meters for heat quantities, electricity, cold or hot water supports simple operation. Extensions to the system can be easily implemented at any time using Hoval control technology. 

The encrypted transmission ensures complete data security. 

A special plus is the open data interface. Using protected access to the OPC UA server, system operators can dock third-party systems as well as transfer any data points to other OPC-capable systems (SAP, SCADA).