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The system controller. Convenience and efficiency from one source.

With the TopTronicE system control, you always have your heating system at your fingertips.

How smart controllers save energy and make everyday life easier

The entire Hoval product range uses the Hoval TopTronic E as a standardised system controller. All of the Hoval units in the home – such as the boiler, heat pump, comfort ventilation, water storage tank or solar plant – are combined into an efficient overall system. The components work in perfect harmony, allowing them to deliver maximum output with minimal energy input. In order to reduce costs further with an improved quality of life, the control uses local weather forecasts in addition to the residents’ needs. This predictive, weather-supported heating controller can take account of the expected output of the solar plant so that it can reach the desired temperatures while saving additional energy. The intuitive touchscreen offers an easy way to monitor and control the indoor climate, domestic hot water and more. The HovalConnect online service enables access via browser or smartphone app at any time when away from home.


The innovative modular TopTronic E controller is installed as standard in Hoval boilers, heat pumps, comfort ventilation systems and calorifiers. It enables smart control of a wide range of individual system combinations.


For every scenario: the standardised TopTronic E controller manages all Hoval systems via a digital, intuitive operating module. Via the touchscreen or app, you can control all of the functions, from the indoor climate to domestic hot water and solar.


The economical operation of heating, cooling and ventilation systems is optimised by perfectly calibrated Hoval components and online tools, such as the weather forecast. Efficient interaction reduces energy costs without any loss of comfort.

Hoval’s system controller enables me to control my heating system with ease wherever I am.
Hoval customer, Switzerland 

How does the system controller work?

The TopTronic E system controller regulates the operation of any Hoval solution.  It also combines all components into a highly efficient overall system. The standardised operating system means that all Hoval products can be connected to each other. The TopTronic E controller also monitors local weather data to ensure that heating times are perfectly adjusted. The system can be controlled remotely using a tablet or smartphone and you will receive instant notifications if ever there is a problem with the system – meaning the issue can be resolved before the property gets cold.

All components are connected to each other by the smart control system.

What are the benefits of a smart heating control?

The modular TopTronic E system controller ensures that all Hoval systems work together for increased energy efficiency. Heat generator, domestic hot water charging, solar and PV plant are controlled individually and optimised as an overall system. You enjoy the ideal indoor climate while the user-friendly high-tech controller ensures ecological, economical and reliable operation. With HovalConnect, you can control your heating and comfort ventilation remotely with ease. The intelligent controller even uses up-to-date online weather data to adjust the heating operation. This means you can save money in an ecological way while enjoying maximum comfort.

With HovalConnect, you can conveniently control your indoor climate via app.

TopTronic E control modules. Simple and intuitive.

The TopTronic E system controller features an easy-to-understand, user-friendly operating concept – with a standard display on internet-ready Hoval units, on the touchscreen in the living space as well as the app for when you are on the go. The integrated controller helps to save energy when heating by enabling individual operating times to be easily adjusted. Other components such as comfort ventilation, domestic hot water or a solar plant can be operated via the same display, which suits any surroundings with its elegant design in white or black. The integrated system controller provides important information about the system at all times, including service and maintenance.

HovalConnect. A convenient connection with your heating system.

With the new HovalConnect smart home solution, coming home is as pleasant an experience as you could want. If any issues arise, your heating system will let you know in good time via your smartphone. Whether in the app or browser, HovalConnect allows you to check the temperatures and efficiency of your systems in a decentralised solution and adjust the settings if necessary. So even if you are travelling, you can be sure that the heating is working optimally at home and are able to control the indoor climate while on the go. And by using an up-to-date online weather forecast, the intelligent controller also helps you to save energy. 

EnergyManager PV smart. The smart solution to reduce energy demand.

Combining a heat pump with a photovoltaic system is always a good idea. You can make your heating and cooling even more efficient with the intelligent control from Hoval. The free EnergyManager PV smart included in HovalConnect has been specially developed for this combination. In a conventional heat pump-photovoltaic system, the surplus electricity is fed into the network during the day and cannot be used by the heat pump at night. However, the innovative EnergyManager PV smart controls surplus solar energy for heating and cooling. To plan the energy demand, it incorporates real-time weather data online.  

For commercial properties: HovalSupervisor.

With the HovalSupervisor control system, you can visualise, control and optimise your systems and their processes from a central point – from energy generation to the energy networks. The control equipment has been proven to work over many years and has been extended in version 4.0 to include dynamic visualisation modules for Hoval energy generators.
With HovalSupervisor, you can monitor all system-relevant data and streamline network operations using effective programming. The automatic extraction of data from M-bus-compatible counters for heat quantities, electricity, cold water or domestic hot water helps to simplify operations. With the Hoval control technology, extensions to the system can be implemented at any time without problems. Encrypted transmission ensures complete data security. 
Another benefit is the open data interface. Using protected access to the OPC-UA server, system operators are able to connect non-Hoval systems, while also transferring any type of data to other OPC-compatible systems (SAP, SCADA).

Enjoy an all-round feeling of comfort with Hoval TopSafe

A maintenance agreement that suits your personal safety needs. Our service packages protect your investment and allow you to benefit from a safe, reliable heating system. The Hoval experts inspect the status of your system and optimise its settings. Our comprehensive service network means we always have experts exactly where they are needed. If your heating system is running correctly, you will save energy and money. Regular maintenance will prevent faults and extend your heating system’s service life – another contribution to a sustainable heating system.