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Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast

Since 2012, Hoval has supplied heating and hot water to Titanic Belfast, in the form of two of our UltraGas 500 boilers.

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The building itself, which is located in the slipways where the Titanic was built, was designed to reflect Belfast’s history of shipmaking, and boasts a unique angular design resembling the shape of ships’ prows.
Standing at 126 feet high, the building is the same size as the Titanic itself, which means the Hoval UltraGas boilers have to heat a whopping 13,000 square metres of space over eight floors, including one of Belfast’s largest conference and reception spaces, the Titanic Suites, which are  located over the top floors, and can hosts events with up to 12,000 guests.
Speaking about the boilers, Jim Christian, Facilities Manager at Titanic Belfast, said: “Hoval was the preferred choice with the tendering process. From installation over four years ago, we have had a trouble-free service, providing an excellent service covering some 13,428 square metres of conditioned space. We have been impressed with the reliability and efficiency of these units.”