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Worry-free heating from a single source

Maintain a comprehensive overview of all processes in the district heating system – from heat production to distribution.

Operational reliability for local and district heating networks

Operating a district heating system comes with responsibility, as you are the one supplying private households and companies in the local area with the heat they need. Hoval’s portfolio provides maximum reliability to keep your system up and running. 

We have everything you need: 
from transfer stations with a wide range of power levels to the HovalSupervisor system and smart control for a perfectly coordinated overall solution. 
For added peace of mind, Hoval offers a range of service options that really pay off – from one-off ad hoc maintenance to a comprehensive, tailored service package.


Keeping an eye on your district heating system couldn’t be simpler: Hoval’s special instrumentation and control system allows you to maintain a comprehensive overview of all processes – from heat production and performance indicators to distribution.


From design and commissioning work to the instrumentation and control system, everything is supplied from a single source, meaning that all the components are perfectly coordinated with one another and work with maximum efficiency. This saves money and protects the environment.


Hoval takes care of all the adjustment work and control equipment for the transfer station, and the competence centre for district heating can connect to the heating house online at any time. With this back-up option in the background, you can enjoy added peace of mind.

With Hoval, we always have access to a contact person who can quickly make the perfect adjustments to the transfer station.
Christian Frühauf, 
Managing Director of HSH Nahwärme Millstatt GmbH 

Control, monitor and transfer – Hoval transfer stations

Systems in which heat is supplied from a central location and then distributed via local or district heating networks are being used more and more often in large residential, commercial, administrative and municipal buildings, as well as by other consumers with high heat demands. Heat transfer stations play a crucial role in such systems, as efficient and reliable distributors of heat. Hoval heat transfer stations fulfil this task at the highest possible level, due to the materials used in them and their sophisticated yet compact design. Hoval offers a range of heat transfer stations, covering different power outputs suitable for everything from single-family homes right up to large high-energy buildings. 

TransTherm heat transfer stations – power overview: 

  • TransTherm giro – 10–226 kW 
  • TransTherm giro plus – 10–91 kW 
  • TransTherm S/RS – 75–1720 kW 

Systems in which heat is supplied from a central location and then distributed via local or district heating networks are becoming more and more relevant.

Visualise, monitor and optimise – Hoval’s instrumentation and control system

Optimise the operation of your district heating network with Hoval’s instrumentation and control system. HovalSupervisor allows you to network your system components and visualise, control, monitor and optimise their operation from a central location. The new HovalSupervisor version 4.0 provides ready-made dynamic visualisation modules for your Hoval solution. You have access to all of the relevant system data and can streamline network operations using targeted programming. The data is read out automatically from M-Bus-compatible heat meters. Extracting data from other M-Bus-compatible meters – such as electricity, cold water or hot water meters – helps to simplify operations. 

The modular design of Hoval’s control equipment enables it to meet extensive and complicated requirements, regardless of how many components there are in your system. Even if your system has been expanded over many years, we can find a solution with ease. To ensure the data security of your energy supply systems, we offer secure encryption technology – which complies with industry standards – to transfer data from the controller to the system control centre. Furthermore, Hoval’s instrumentation and control system provides an open data interface which allows external systems to be connected and enables data to be exchanged with other OPC-compatible systems such as SAP or other SCADA systems. 

Keep an eye on your heating house with Hoval’s instrumentation and control system.

TransThermgiro. A reliable basis for every eventuality.

The Hoval TransTherm giro is the basis of the district heating transfer stations. It acts as a link between the district heating network and the other system components. The TransTherm giro is suitable for new buildings but is particularly suited to renovations in which existing infrastructure continues to be used and is connected to the district heating network as an overall system. This solution is ready for connection and provides efficient heat transmission while being easy to maintain. The TransTherm giro also offers great convenience and flexibility since you are free to choose the calorifier and the heating circuit. 

TransThermpro S/RS. The compact station for transferring heat for larger systems.

TransThermpro S/RS is a high-quality district heating compact station in eight output sizes from 30 to 1720 kW for a conventional connection to the district or local heating network. The transfer station transfers the energy from the specified heating network to the building heating system safely, reliably and with maximum efficiency. Biomass heating plants or waste and residual heat from power plants may serve as the heat source. 

With the flexibility of the models, the Hoval systems expertise and the TopTronic E controller, every factor can be exploited to achieve the very best system price/performance ratio. Right from the planning stage, the system requirements regarding temperature and pressure, the individual heat demand of the connected building and the technical connection conditions of the heat supplier are taken into account. TransTherm pro S is available without a casing, or with a casing in the RS version. 

Hoval’s wide product range and systems expertise is brought fully to bear in micro-networks, as the heat generator is supplied directly in the centralised heating system in such cases. 

TransThermpro. The heat transfer station produced individually to suit every application.

TransThermpro from Hoval offers a made-to-measure solution to suit all requirements and all power ranges. The heat transfer stations for transferring district heating or local heating from the network are planned and designed individually for each property. Heating power of 10 to 30000 kilowatts and more can be achieved. This means Hoval ensures efficient distribution of heat in the building and ideal heat output dimensions on the basis of TransTherm technology. The custom system is supplied ready for connection, making it easier to assemble on site. In addition, the Hoval instrumentation and control system, as well as Hoval Service, guarantee highly efficient and reliable operation.