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Worry-free heating with Hoval

Worry-free heating with Hoval

Benjamin Gärtzner, caretaker at Chicorée Brunegg, wanted to leave the renovation of the heating system to an established professional.

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  • Renovation
  • Gas

From the very beginning, his wishes were taken seriously at Hoval: a heating system that can be flexibly expanded and into which the existing boiler can be integrated. Several options were presented to him – he chose the best value for money.

A milestone is the day the boiler was installed. The Hoval UltraGas 850 is delivered early in the morning. A crane hoists the gas boiler into the basement. All those involved in the planning are on site: customer Benjamin Gärtzner, Hoval coordinator Giuseppe Campanella and also project manager Pascal Müri from Kocher Heizungen AG, which is carrying out the upcoming installation work. You can feel the mutual trust that has developed between the customer and Hoval during the evaluation and planning process. Gärtzner is convinced that he has made the best choice: the natural gas-powered gas boiler offers efficient combustion technology of the latest generation. Out of responsibility for the environment.

The system can be expanded with heat pumps at any time.

Benjamin Gärtzner, Chicorée Mode AG, Brunegg

The system can be expanded with heat pumps at any time.

Hoval had suggested several possible variants to the customer for the renovation of the heating system. The gas boiler solution was considered to be the most sensible. The existing boiler can be fully integrated into the new system – both hydraulically and electronically. In the future, it will serve as an emergency heating boiler. With the Hoval TopTronic E control system, the devices are efficiently controlled and the operation is coordinated with each other. The system can also be expanded in the future, e.g. with heat pumps, if the use of the building and the energy demand change. Hoval control technology offers maximum flexibility. Giuseppe Campanella planned the construction measures down to the last detail and played through possible scenarios.

We have fully integrated the existing gas boiler. In the future, it will serve as an emergency boiler.

Giuseppe Campanella, Hoval AG

Control system listens to the weather forecast

Using the TopTronic app from Hoval, the control system can be conveniently operated remotely via a tablet or smartphone. Various key figures are related to each other and clearly displayed (e.g. flow rate, flow rate, external differential pressure, buffer content, flow temperature, heat meter data, etc.). With one click, the customer receives an overview of efficiency and can make optimizations. Current weather data is taken into account when generating the heat, which also saves valuable energy.

With Hoval, we will be able to heat our homes for the next 20 years without any worries

Benjamin Gärtzner, Chicorée Mode AG, Brunegg


Hoval products are complete and well thought-out

Kocher Heizungen AG has been relying on Hoval heating systems for over 25 years. Owner René Senn praises Hoval's innovative strength. This enables the company to offer efficient and future-proof solutions. Project manager Pascal Müri appreciates the fact that Hoval products are delivered in full and have been "thought through to the end". This makes his work easier and guarantees a smooth process. After the boiler has been installed, the installation work begins. These last a good three weeks.

Anticipation of commissioning

Benjamin Gärtzner stands next to the new, fire-red Hoval boiler in amazement: "In the catalogue, the boiler looked smaller," he grins. He studied with interest the manual given to him by Giuseppe Campanella. The carefully planned renovation project became a tangible reality today. He can be proud of it. He is now looking forward to commissioning and the first winter with the new Hoval heating system.