Belaria® fit (53, 85)

Belaria® fit (53): up to 853 kW
Belaria® fit (85): up to 1.4 MW

Modulating air/water heat pump for heating and cooling in two output sizes for outdoor installation.

It is especially suitable for medium-sized residential, commercial, industrial or administrative buildings in new construction or renovation.

With Belaria® fit, efficient systems with a high proportion of renewable energies can be planned. As a monovalent system, up to 1.4 MW is possible. Bivalent hybrid systems can even supply up to 4 MW - depending on the required proportion of renewable energies.

  • Very wide modulation range of 40-100% thanks to inverter technology 
  • Constantly high efficiency and shorter defrosting times thanks to a protective hydrophilic coating of the evaporator fins 
  • High annual performance figures for heating and cooling thanks to the R32 refrigerant 
  • Optimal in the system: mono and bivalent cascades up to the megawatt range.
  • Sustainable and fit for the future thanks to R32 refrigerant

Renewable energy sources in refurbishment

The Belaria® fit opens up new possibilities for heating system refurbishment.
Existing systems, for example gas condensing boiler systems, can be cost-effectively supplemented with a Belaria® fit.
They are then considered renewable energy systems.

Sustainable - The R32 refrigerant is future-oriented with a low environmental footprint
Efficient - Thanks to modulating inverter technology
Modular - up to 16 Belaria® fit units can be combined