Cabin Slim Cabin Boiler Room

Hoval Cabin Slim is a cabin or container boiler room designed for outdoor installation. It is a compact "Plug & Play" central unit for outdoor installation, which is primarily used for heat generation. Depending on the specific project, it can also contain all components and elements needed not only for production heat, but also for hot water preparation and safe operation. Everything is tailor-made and ready to plug in – perfectly tailored to your energy needs and the space requirements of a particular application.

The self-supporting structure of the container boiler room allows it to be placed directly next to the building or on the roof of the building thanks to the highest protection against adverse weather conditions. The cladding is made of galvanised sheet metal panels, the insulation is made of non-combustible material.

Tried-and-tested combustion technology thanks to the UltraClean® burner with minimal NOx and CO2 emissions
Cabin heat centre for outdoor installation to save space in the building
Compact design with full equipment for quick installation and small footprint
Design, delivery, commissioning and maintenance – everything from Hoval

Possibilities of use

Cabin Slim boiler rooms are an alternative to a traditional boiler room not only for industrial applications, but also for the residential and commercial sectors.
These boiler rooms are an ideal source of heat for:

  • Existing buildings, where boiler rooms can be very difficult to access and replacing the heat source is almost impossible
  • New buildings with a lack of space for a standard boiler room.

Do you need to use the space in your existing or newly planned building (apartment building or office building) for other purposes - garages, commercial spaces?

Then Cabin Slim is the most suitable solution. Due to high flexibility, small footprint, wide performance portfolio and simplicity Installation This system solution is preferred by many architects and customers. It can also be used when the client plans to expand production or the entire of the production plant. The lack of space in the building is then suitably and elegantly solved by installing the Cabin Slim cabin boiler room outdoors in close proximity to the building or on the roof of the building.

Different types of designs

Hoval Cabin Slim is produced in several different designs, but always tailored to your requirements.

Cabin Slim AC - version with one stationary gas condensing boiler UltraGas or UltraGas® 2. The offered power range is 50 – 1550 kW (rated thermal performance at 50/30 °C).

Cabin Slim AC D - version with double boiler UltraGas® 2. The offered power range is 250 – 2200 kW (rated heat output at 50/30 °C).

Cabin Slim BC – e mini - version with one TopGas® wall-mounted gas condensing boiler. The offered power range is 90 – 360 kW (rated heat output at 50/30 °C).

Cabin Slim BC – e light - a version with two or more TopGas® wall-mounted gas condensing boilers, allows cascade connection of up to 4 modules, i.e.max 8 boilers in a cascade. The power range offered is 45 – 120 kW (rated heat output at 50/30 °C).

Each boiler is controlled by our fully autonomous and highly sophisticated TopTronic® E control system.