Plate heat exchangers
Plate Crimping

The plates are sealed with a double sheet metal fold ensuring good exchanger rigidity and minimizing leakage.

Stainless Steel Exchanger Option

There are a wide range or options including stainless steel for special applications including extremely corrosive environments.

Recirculation Bypass Option

With the exchanger recirculation bypass option the AHU recirculation mixing box is not required with resulting cost savings.

Edge Profile Sealing

The edges of the exchanger profiles are sealed with a flexible sealing compound providing an airtight seal.

Special Plate Profile

The plate surface profile has been designed and extensively tested to provide maximum efficiency and stability with minimal pressure loss.

Control damper

The cross-flow and counter-flow plate heat exchangers can be delivered with mounted bypass and control damper at tighness class 2 (as option).

Plate heat exchangers

Hoval Enventus plate heat exchangers are air/air heat exchangers made of aluminium. They are used for energy recovery in air handling systems and process technology.

The different sizes and plate spacings allow an optimisation of performance data for any application. A variety of accessories make the installation in air handling systems easier (bypass, recirculation bypass, control dampers, adapter for actuator).

Technical information

  • Edge lengths of 0.4 –2.4 m
  • Packages with a width of 0.2 –3 m
  • Air flow of 500 – 100,000 m³/h
  • Eurovent certified
  • TÜV certified (RLT 01) 
  • Hygiene certified
Reduces CO2 emissions
Dry efficiencies up to 87 %
Compact design
Ready for installation with bypass and dampers

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