Heating/cooling coil

Different coil types provide a tailored solution for any large space. In addition to coils for connection to a boiler system or to a water chiller, special batteries (steam, electric heating coils) are also available.


The automatically adjustable Air-Injector reduces the temperature stratificaiton in interiors to 0.15 K per meter height, keeping heat loss through the roof to a minimum.


TopVent® are recirculation or supply air units for heating and cooling with recirculated air, mixed air or fresh air.

Thanks to the broad spectrum of models, a perfectly suited unit is available for every application. TopVent® curtain is used as an air curtain for doors.


  • Heating (with connection to boiler system)
  • Cooling (with connection to water chiller)
  • Fresh air supply (duct connection)
  • Mixed air operation
  • Recirculation
  • Air distribution with Air‑Injector
  • Air filtration

Technical Data:

  • Air flow rate 10500 m3/h
  • Heating capacity up to 164kW
  • Cooling capacity up to 115kW
Resource-saving operation
Highly efficient air distribution reduces operating costs
Extremely reliable operation due to the use of multiple units
Simple planning

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