Heating/cooling coil

Different coil types provide a tailored solution for any large space. In addition to coils for connection to a boiler system or to a water chiller, special batteries (steam, electric heating coils) are also available.


The automatically adjustable Air-Injector reduces the temperature stratificaiton in interiors to 0.15 K per meter height, keeping heat loss through the roof to a minimum.


TopVent® are recirculation or supply air units for heating and cooling with recirculated air, mixed air or fresh air.

Thanks to the broad spectrum of models, a perfectly suited unit is available for every application. TopVent® curtain is used as an air curtain for doors.


  • Heating (with connection to boiler system)
  • Cooling (with connection to water chiller)
  • Fresh air supply (duct connection)
  • Mixed air operation
  • Recirculation
  • Air distribution with Air‑Injector
  • Air filtration

Technical Data:

  • Air flow rate 10500 m3/h
  • Heating capacity up to 164kW
  • Cooling capacity up to 115kW

TopVent® TP (TopVent with Heat Pump)

The TopVent® TP unit is one of many TopVent units manufactured by Hoval. They are decentralised recirculation units intended for heating and cooling high spaces. They are equipped with an air/air heat pump system which generates both heated and chilled air for all year round operation. They utilise the energy in the ambient air for environmentally friendly heating and cooling.  TopVent® TP units have the following functions:

• Heating and cooling with heat pump
• Air distribution with adjustable Air-Injector
• Air filtration
• Recirculation operation
• Supplementary heating with electric heating coil (option)
• Supplementary heating with hot water (with connection to a hot water supply, option)

The TopTronic® C control system automatically controls each temperature zone in accordance with the customer requirements. The heat pump can be located up to 50m away from the TopVent® unit.

For more information about Hoval's indoor climate systems, download our Decentralised ICS brochure.

Resource-saving operation
Highly efficient air distribution reduces operating costs
Extremely reliable operation due to the use of multiple units
Simple planning
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