Modul-plus High-output calorifier
Hot water connection
Heating flow connection
Double cover heating cylinders

Rippled heat transfer surface with stainless steel outer shell. Maximum heat transfer through rotating turbulence stream system.

Modular cylinder

with content of 115 l each

Inspection opening:

each cylinder can be accessed from the front and can thus be comfortably cleaned.

Modul-plus High-output calorifier

The Modul-plus calorifier is designed to operate with the full range of Hoval-plus series boilers but can also be used with other makes of commercial/industrial boilers. It is available in seven model sizes covering DHW outputs up to 10,000 litres/hr at 90°C primary feed. 

Technical Data:

  • Hot water output 1520-17500 l/h
  • Volume Up to 230 - 1150 l
  • Heating surface up to 2,84 - 14,2 m2
Very low environmental impact
Rapid return on investment
An ideal choice when updating your system
Easy to use and reliable

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