THD-U (500-5000)

THD-U (500-5000)

The THD-U is an industrial steam boiler producing 500 to 5000 kg/hr of steam with maximum pressures of 10 and 13 bar. The steam boiler can be fired on oil or gas.

Hoval high output steam boilers are made of high quality steel and are distinguished by their solid, robust and flexible design, particularly by their ease of operation, their easy maintenance and an optimal efficiency.

Optimised design concept for maximum results
Minimal emissions during all operating conditions – by using 3-pass boiler design (reversed flow principle) and big flame tube dimensions.
Fully water cooled boiler back wall (made from seamless finned tubes) increase the heat utilization and reduces radiation loss. The large water capacity ensures long burner running times and increase the plant efficiency.
Durability is ensured by integrated – specially drilled- water distribution tube on upper side of boiler water level – this results fast mixing of colder feed water with hot boiler water and reduce thermal shocks.
Very easy to be cleaned due to fully opened / hinged boiler front door. No additional brickwork (fireclay) inside the flame tube

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