TopTronic® E System Controller. Simplify your Business.

Simplicity is only possible if you can master complexity

When we started with the development of TopTronic® E, we asked our customers for their biggest concern. They answered: complexity. And we challenged ourselves to develop an entirely new system controller. The result is an engineering masterpiece - so complex inside, yet so simple outside.

We believe that it will change forever the way how boilers, heat pumps, water tanks and solar panels operate and unite them in a perfect system.  



Built inside our latest generations of boilers, heat pumps and calorifiers, the all new system controller delivers a completely new level of simplicity, modularity, connectivity and user experience.

It masters with ease systems based on one or multiple energy sources, with heating or cooling, with a single unit or in cascades with up to 8 units. No more hassle with different controllers for different appliances and system configurations. 



The Start-up Assistant will excite you. With understandable, written for humans texts, it will guide you step-by-step during the commissioning of the entire system. It will also indicate to you any possible issues. Simplicity delivered on a fingertip.



The amazing world of internet expands now into the heating, cooling and ventilating systems. With the internet connected TopTronic® E you will be serving your customers better than ever before – monitoring and optimizing any of your systems. Right form your computer screen.



A simple, “Lego” like, modular hardware lets you easily extend your existing or new system with additional Hoval components – another energy source, additional heating device, thermal solar panels on top or one more water heater: just plug another module on the main board…and play.  



Your buildings have more and more automation, TopTronic® E gets more and more connected. You have chosen a building management system for doors, windows, blinds, energy and lights, TopTronic® E will connect to it.

It masters ModBus or KNX interfaces with ease. Want even more connectivity: TopTronic® E is now Smart Grid ready. A connectivity champion.



Cities and their infrastructure grow. District heating networks are on the rise and TopTronic® E loves that. Together with its bigger brother, TopTronic® supervisor, it forms an unbeatable team to serve the district heating networks with real time visualization, observation and optimization. Exclusively from Hoval.


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