TransTherm giro plus
Secondary connections

at the top and bottom for flexible, rapid installation.

Compact design

requires little space and facilitates transport whilst also providing ready access to all system parts for service

Pre-assembled at the factory

so saves time and effort during installation.

100% heat insulation

as a result of being completely lined with insulating non-woven pads.

Flexible connection options

avoid pipe crossovers during installa- tion. The connections to the district heating network can be arranged on the left or right.

Stainless steel plate heat exchangers

ensure efficient heat transmission without losses and a long service life.

Complete system with an integrated TopTronic®E controller


▪ 1 direct circuit

▪ 1 mixer circuit

▪ 1 hot water charging

Fresh water module

for producing hot water as required.

Dependable, durable design with corrosion-resistant aluminium casing

provides longevity thanks to the fully welded design and operating safety thanks to proven technology.

Excellent workmanship

ensures low pressure losses and, thus, maximum efficiency.

TransTherm giro plus (10, 20, 40)

The TransTherm giro plus is a compact heat transfer station with an integrated fresh water module and group of heating valves. Thanks to its flexible connection options, it is equally well suited to use in refurbishments and new buildings.

Assured efficiency
Preservation of value
Customised solutions
Ready-to-connect complete system