UltraGas® (15-100)
Ultraclean® combustion system and modulating radiant burner

matches the output exactly to the requirement, reduces cycling and guarantees clean, low-emission and energy-saving combustion.

Fully flexible connections

to suit every situation making installation easy if a heating system has to be replaced. The boiler can be positioned against the wall.

Separate high and low temperature returns

provide ideal conditions for condensation and therefore increase energy recovery from the flue gases. The connections can be located on the left or right.

aluFer® heat exchanger

Exclusive Hoval patent for maximum heat transmission and energy yield.

Condensate drip tray

for safe collection and draining of condensate.

UltraGas® (15-100)

The UltraGas® condensing boiler with patented aluFer® heat exchanger delivers the highest ­efficiency and cost effective performance. The wide range of boilers match any customer’s requirement.

UltraGas® (15-100) - Innovative condensation design for small-scale commercial properties

Low emissions due to Ultraclean® combustion
Patented aluFer® heat exchanger
Versatile operation
Simple maintenance