UltraOil® (110-600D)
Heating flow
Separate high and low temperature returns

create ideal conditions for condensation, thereby enhancing energy recovery from the exhaust gases.

2-stage low NOx oil burner

adjusts output to need and reduces the frequency of starts /stops, thus ensuring clean, low-emission and energy-saving combustion.

aluFer® heat exchanger

This patented Hoval innovation achieves maximum heat transfer and energy yield.

Neutralisation box
Removable boiler feet

UltraOil® (110-600D)

At the heart of the UltraOil® is the patented aluFer® heat exchanger. In combination with advanced condensation technology and the 2-stage burner, the UltraOil® is second to none in terms of energy efficiency and economy.

Flexible and easy to disassemble. The UltraOil® (110-600D) is perfect for upgrades in large residential and commercial buildings.

Operation with low emissions
Patented aluFer® heat exchanger
Flexible in use, ideal for upgrades
Easy, low-cost maintenance

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