UltraOil® (16-80)
Heating flow

can be flexibly connected on the left or right as the situation requires and simplifies installation, especially when replacing existing systems. The system can be positioned directly adjacent to the wall.

Separate high and low temperature returns

create ideal conditions for condensation, thereby increasing energy recovery from the exhaust gases. The return line can be connected on the left or right as needed.

2-stage low NOx oil burner

adapts output to need, reduces the frequency of starts/stops and thus ensures clean, low-emission and energy-saving combustion.

aluFer® heat exchanger

The patented Hoval innovation for maximum heat transfer and energy yield.

Condensate drip tray

for the collection and removal of condensate.

UltraOil® (16-80)

The unmistakable core of UltraOil® is the patented aluFer® heat exchanger. In combination with advanced condensation technology and the 2-stage burner, UltraOil® is second to none in terms of energy efficiency, economy and amortisation period.

UltraOil® (50-80) is ideal for oil heating system replacement in single family homes and small multifamily buildings.
Compact, complete and flexible to install.

Operation with low emissions
Patented aluFer® heat exchanger
Flexible in use, ideal for upgrades
Easy, low-cost  maintenance