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What should I do if I'm not warm enough?

You've arrived at your home and you'd like to increase the room temperature for a limited period, or to adapt the daily program for this particular day. In only a few steps, we will show you how you can set the temperature you want very easily. ...

What should I do if I've got visitors and I'd like the heating to continue operating for a longer time?

Your guests have arrived, but your heating is set to normal mode until 10 PM on the basis of your daily routine. We will show you how you can adapt the heating to current circumstances in next to no time, and how you can create a pleasant room climate until your last guest has gone home feeling happy ...

You're all set for your holidays. How can you save energy?

Your suitcases are packed, the taxi's waiting and all that's left on your checklist is to activate economy mode in your heating. Don't panic, it could hardly be quicker or easier: Activate holiday mode on the control unit for the period you require. This will show you how to do it. ...

My daily routine has changed. The heating is now switching on too early in the morning, or reducing the temperature too soon in the evening.

Do the heating times set in the daily program no longer match your daily routine? That's no problem. We will show you how you can adapt the heating times to your individual daily routine in next to no time. ...

The set temperature isn't warm enough for me. How can I change it?

You have set your room temperature to 21 °C, but you are finding it too cool? In that case, the best course is to adjust the general room temperature in the daily program. We will show you how to do that here. ...

How do I set the heating to standby in summer?

Your heating activates the summer standby automatically based on the set heating limit. It goes without saying that this heating limit can be changed. Here, we will show you how to do this. ...

How do I change the operating modes?

Your heating has 6 preset operating modes with corresponding switching times and temperatures. Here, you can see how to change these easily.

I'm going out. How can I reduce the heating while I'm away from my home?

Would you only like the heating to be on when you're actually at home? It could hardly be easier: Tell your heating system how long you'll be away from your home. The heating is reduced, and only resumes normal mode after this time has elapsed. ...

I've come back home earlier than expected. How can I reactivate the heating?

Your heating system is in absent mode, and you'd like to switch back to operating mode. Here, we will show you how you can switch your heating system back to normal mode.

What should I do if the display goes dark too late or too early?

Does the display go dark sooner or later than you'd like? You can set the time before the display goes dark. We will show you how to do that here.

I'd like to change the temperature of the hot water. What should I do?

Taking a shower is only a real pleasure if the water is at the temperature you want it. You can set the temperature according to your individual wishes. Your control system offers you a whole range of possibilities for setting the required temperature at the required time. ...

How can I set my heating to a reduced mode for an indefinite period?

Would you like to save energy but still maintain your desired basic temperature in your home? In that case, use the economy mode function. This means the rooms will never get completely cold, and you will save the need for reheating them, which takes up a lot of energy. ...

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