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True Heroes Racing


True Heroes Racing was founded as a way of restoring a sense of direction and focus for injured UK servicemen, and to use the world of motorsport to give all injured members of the project a new sense of purpose and focus in life.

True Heroes Racing helps these injured servicemen set and achieve new goals, use all aspects of motorsport to provide exposure and experience, as well as allowing for retraining and qualification opportunities which could potentially help members decide on a future career outside of the military.   

The team was formed around Murray Hambro,  who was serving with the 2nd Royal Tank regiment in Afghanistan when he unfortunately lost both legs below the knee in an explosion, which means he rides a motorcycle with the help of two artificial legs. Murray's motorcycle has also been adapted to replace all the usual foot controls with hand controls mounted onto the handlebars.

The project has already successfully encouraged WIS service personnel back into education and has also encouraged members to focus on their general health and fitness, and we are extremely proud to sponsor such a fantastic team.

To find out more about True Heroes Racing, find out their race dates, or to sponsor them yourself, visit their website here. 


Draper Racing was a new racing team for 2016 which featuring 2 riders; Aaron Clarke and Tommy Philps.

Aaron Clarke is a 600 Superstock rider from Kirton in Lincolnshire, while Tommy Philp is a rider from Berkshire who started racing in 2008.

To find out more about DraperRACING, you can visit their website here. 


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