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Always fresh air in the "green building"

Always fresh air in the "green building"

This building signals the future: the Pannonia Centre of Excellence for Wood was built according to the principles of "green buildings". Nothing fits better with this sustainability than a hall climate system with decentralised devices.

  • Production Hall
  • New Building
  • Indoor Climate System

The EU has financed the Pannonia Competence Centre for Wood almost entirely from its Structural and Investment Funds. Ivana Filipović said:

We connect the scientific, public and private sectors. We serve as an innovation and development center for wood processing companies.

The wood centre in the Croatian town of Virovitica near the border with Hungary has a fully equipped production hall and also advises on financing issues. It is said to be the largest project ever supported by the EU's Structural and Investment Funds. The construction costs amount to a total of 45 million kuna – which is roughly £5 million.

Perfectly integrated into the planted roof

The wooden building stands out visually, with two RoofVent units in the middle of the green roof, integrated perfectly into the environment.

"They give even more meaning to our whole history. We pay attention to the highest possible energy efficiency everywhere."

Inside, on the ceiling of the Pannonia Centre of Excellence for Wood, two TopVent recirculating air units are mounted.

RoofVent and TopVent combine to form a decentralised and efficient hall climate system. Thanks to the decentralised devices, there is no need for ventilation ducts that could get in the way of work in the production hall. There is also no draught – but always fresh air at the desired temperature.

We practically do not perceive the ventilation, but always have good climatic conditions in the hall.