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Hybrid gas boiler and heat pump system

Efficient | Sustainable | Reliable

As decarbonising objectives are being set, the heat pump has become the star of the show. For some heating projects however, this isn't always the most suitable solution. 

The Hoval hybrid system is the complete, efficient and sustainable solution for heating, cooling and domestic hot water, which requires high power, while integrating a significant share of renewable energy.
Discover the 3 products that can be used within the same installation, to optimise their energy consumption and efficiency.

> Monobloc air-to-water heat pump Belaria fit
> Gas condensing boiler UltraGas 2
> Instant DHW Preparer TransTherm aqua F

Complete solutions, tailored to your projects.

Compatibility of appliances is essential to achieve energy savings and reduce the carbon footprint of heating, cooling and hot water systems. Hybrid solutions, which combine a gas condensing boiler and an air-to-water heat pump, represent a promising option for many kinds of projects. At Hoval, we design products that work in perfect synergy. Their performance is better when integrated into the same system. In this way, the Hoval hybrid system offers real energy savings. Made up of:

  • The Belaria fit air-to-water heat pump
  • The UltraGas 2 condensing boiler
  • The TransTherm aqua F charging system
  • TopTronic E integrated control system

Collective heating with heat pump, hot water and gas boiler: how does it work?

The hybrid solution consists of an optimal combination of the high-efficiency technology of the heat pump and the advantages of gas:

  • The operation of the reversible air-to-water heat pump can cover 80% of a building's annual needs with only 50% of the total power of the installation.
  • By coupling the air-to-water heat pump with the UltraGas 2 gas condensing boiler, you benefit from a reliable installation, at a controlled cost for many years.
The operation between the UltraGas 2 boiler and the Belaria fit heat pumps is defined according to the bivalence point. This point, in principle is determined according to the needs of the installation and represents the minimum temperature at which the UltraGas 2 gas boiler is switched on if the cascade of Belaria fit monobloc air-to-water heat pumps is no longer able to provide the power necessary. This switchover will be automatically orchestrated by the TopTronic E on-board controller.

Component 1: Hoval Belaria fit air-to-water heat pump

The heat pump is a heating solution that is becoming more and more attractive, also in collective groups, because of its ecological and economical operation. It can be combined with other devices (up to 16 heat pumps installed in cascade), and allows you to build a true hybrid system to ensure heating, cooling and DHW production in many diffrent settings. Equipped with the Inverter technology, the Belaria fit air-to-water heat pump can modulate its power in a range between 40 and 100%.

With the Belaria fit air-to-water heat pump, available in 53 or 85 kW, it is possible to plan heating systems and High-performance cooling systems with a high proportion of renewable energy. When the heat pump provides 50% of the total power required for heating a building, it provides 80% of the annual needs. It can be coupled with an additional heat generator, such as a gas condensing boiler, which will provide energy to cover peak demand.

How does the Hoval Belaria fit air-to-water heat pump work?

  • The evaporator: the R32 refrigerant passes through the evaporator where it will be transformed into steam after drawing energy from the medium outside.
  • The compressor: the refrigerant is pressurised, which increases its temperature.
  • The condenser: the refrigerant will evacuate the accumulated energy to be redistributed in the heating network.
  • The regulator: this is the element that will allow the refrigerant to change from the vapor state to the liquid state, to start the cycle again from the evaporator.

Component 2: Hoval UltraGas 2 condensing boiler

The innovative UltraGas 2 boiler reduces gas consumption and guarantees high efficiency.
Combine energy savings, energy transition and high output. Compatible with gases from renewable sources:

  • Hydrogen natural gas blend up to 20%
  • Propane according to DIN 51662
  • Biomethane according to EN 16723 

Reduce carbon footprint while maintaining energy performance and profitability.

  • Vertical construction
  • Large volume of water
  • No ΔT limitation
  • Separate low and high temperature returns

Component 3: Hoval TransTherm aqua hot water heater

Turnkey station for heating domestic water using the continuous flow principle. With stainless steel plate heat exchangers, copper soldering. Built-in TopTronic E system controller. Centralised or decentralised domestic water heating with high hygiene standards, combined with an energy buffer tank.
DHW stations are usually connected to a buffer: the EnerVal range can meet this need. The Hoval hybrid system therefore provides heating, but also the preparation of domestic hot water.

Domestic hot water output: 50 - 275 kW in the casing
Domestic hot water output 350 - 700 kW on stand frame

Got a project? Go hybrid.

Ensure reliability, efficiency and sustainability in all seasons, with a Hoval hybrid system. The complete, efficient and sustainable solution for heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

Contact your Hoval area sales manager for more information or to discuss your project.