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Electricity and heat – all homemade

Electricity and heat – all homemade

To everyone's complete satisfaction: The Hoval PowerBloc combined heat and power plant ensures an overall efficiency of more than 90% and quiet operation.

  • Hotel
  • Renovation
  • District Heating

It couldn't go on like this: With every expansion of the wellness hotel, which opened in 2003, electricity costs increased. After all, they threatened to explode at peak times. The operators decided to tackle the problem as a whole. The road ahead of them was long. Two years passed from the first idea to the implementation of the extraordinary project. The experts from Hoval Austria accompanied it from the very beginning and supported the client and the installer Michael Fössinger from Kufstein through the entire planning, decision-making, approval and installation process. The complexity of the entire system repeatedly challenged all those involved. Christoph Trauner, the hotel's in-house technician, remembers:

There was an extremely high coordination effort. The interaction with the authorities was also demanding because such systems are not commonplace.

Quiet operation proven

But the Hoval experts stuck to it, and they managed to overcome all hurdles together with the customer. They were also able to prove to the authorities that the operation of the Hoval PowerBloc combined heat and power plant would be quiet. And so nothing stood in the way of implementation.

Tailor-made energy production

In order to precisely determine the actual energy demand, the electricity and gas consumption was measured and analyzed over several weeks – with the aim of determining the appropriate module size of the Hoval PowerBloc. The target was a running time of more than 7,000 operating hours per year. The control of the plant was designed in such a way that it takes into account both the electricity and the heat demand, i.e. only as much energy is produced as is actually consumed.

The floating PowerBloc

One of the biggest challenges in the implementation was not to disturb the ongoing hotel operation. Not an easy task at all, as the Hoval PowerBloc, which weighs more than two tons, had to be hoisted over the main building with a crane due to the limited space on site. Another challenge was the coordination during the installation phase, as the existing heating system had to be integrated into the overall system and all components were optimally matched to each other.

Overall efficiency more than 90%

Finally the time had come: Hoval Customer Service commissioned the combined heat and power plant, which is designed for natural gas and biogas, into operation. The remarkably low volume of the Hoval PowerBloc particularly surprised the plant operators – and they are still amazed at how quietly the system runs.

Also visually it is a nice device in a beautiful boiler room, which we like to show off during house tours to impress our guests.

says Christoph Trauner. Technically, the Hoval PowerBloc impresses with an overall efficiency of more than 90% at the Panorama Royal wellness hotel in Bad Häring.