Health Care Buildings

Health Care Buildings

Condensing boiler with patented heat exchanger alufer for highest performance and efficient operation.
Power range from 15 to 2000 kW
Efficiency: up to 109.9%
CO2 reduction: 90 tons / year» Read More


Solar energy can provide the level of heat energy required for industrial processes, whilst also helping the environment.
Solar Keymark: Yes
Efficiency: 85.1%
Total area: 2.52 m2» Read More


Cogeneration unit - a combination of heat generator and electricity. It allows you to reduce the cost of producing both heat and electricity.
Power range from 43 to 530 kW
Thermal power: 65 to 665 kW
Efficiency: up to 90.4%» Read More


The perfect solution and the best protection against legionella covering any hot-water output from 640 up to 17 500 l/h
Continuous output at 45 ° : 2 250 to 17 500 l/h
Storage content : 230 to 1 150 l
Heating surface : 2,84 to 14,2 m²» Read More


The steel buffer tank that connects the hydraulic system of the boiler, heat pumps and solar installations.
Capacity: 800 to 6000 liters 
Insulation: 180 mm 
Maximum operating temperature: 95 ° C » Read More

Heating, domestic hot water and back up electricity power are provided through the solution built around the ultra efficient condensing boiler - UltraGas®, the ultra thin solar thermal pannels - UltraSol and the combined heat and power generator - PowerBloc.


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Learn more about the efficiency of heating, domestic hot water and electricity.

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