Production Hall

Production Hall

Condensing boiler with patented heat exchanger alufer for highest performance and efficient operation.
Power range from 15 to 2000 kW
Efficiency: up to 109.9%
CO2 reduction: 90 tons / year» Read More


RoofVent® are roof ventilation units for supplying fresh air and removing extract air.
Air flow rate : up to 8000 m3/h
Heating capacity : up to 121 kW
Cooling capacity : up to 98 kW
Heating recovery : up to 84%» Read More


Recirculation or supply air units for heating and cooling with recirculated air, mixed air or fresh air.
Air flow rate : up to 10 500 m3/h
Heating capacity : up to 164 kW
Cooling capacity : up to 115 kW» Read More


Solar energy can provide the level of heat energy required for industrial processes, whilst also helping the environment.
Solar Keymark: Yes
Efficiency: 85.1%
Total area: 2.52 m2» Read More


Calorifier with 2 heat exchangers (coil) for heating using 2 heat sources with stainless steel for excellent hygiene and long service life. » Read More


Technical Data
Air flow rate10000 m3/h
HHeat energy savings up to 98%
Separation rate for particles > 0.3µm 99,95%» Ask for product

Heating, cooling, ventilation, energy recovery and air- filtration provided by a solution:  built around the ultra efficient condensing boiler - UltraGas®, the air handling units – RoofVent® and TopVent® and the process air filtering and energy recovering system - ProcessVent.


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