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Heating for your single-family home – an investment in the future.

Looking for the right heating system for your single-family home? At Hoval, you’ll find a complete solution for heating, cooling and ventilation.

Intelligent building technology pays off – a complete solution for a perfect indoor climate.

Home is a place where you should feel happy and secure. With heating systems and climate-control solutions from Hoval, you can bring this feeling of security and comfort into your living space. From new buildings to renovations, sophisticated, well-planned building technology will make your home fit for the future. When it comes to heating, climate control, ventilation and domestic hot water, we combine maximum comfort with energy efficiency and sustainability. Along with the outstanding quality of the units and smart control solutions, Hoval customers can rely on a friendly and expert service for their systems. Enjoy the good feeling of being at home!

Everybody has individual needs and every building has different qualities. Hoval specialises in finding the ideal solution for every requirement by using its comprehensive and innovative product range and its many years of experience and expertise in system technology. Your local installation company and the Hoval team will be happy to advise you!

Learn more about suitable products for heating, ventilation and cooling in single-family homes

Heating, ventilation and cooling solutions for single family homes – see for yourself.

Our customers offer a glimpse into their cosy homes equipped with a Hoval solution.