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Optimised DHW with TransTherm aqua L

Optimised DHW with TransTherm aqua L

In the face of rising energy costs and the need to minimise carbon emissions, users with a high demand for domestic hot water (DHW) need to ensure their systems deliver optimum performance.

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At the same time, such systems need to be responsive to usage changes, as many businesses restructure their requirements – with many more staff adopting flexible working practices.

To accommodate these requirements, Hoval has launched the TransTherm aqua L buffer storage solution, a turnkey station for heating DHW using a buffer storage principle. This is a compact unit with low storage requirements, mounted on a steel frame.

The buffer storage principle ensures the hot water storage tank is charged with heated DHW from top to bottom via a stratified charge pump. The system uses an external heat exchanger, the design of which is based on the primary heating power available, the charging temperature/domestic water temperature and the time available of recharging the storage tank.

This innovative design ensures the charging heat exchanger can be operated constantly at its calculated output, irrespective of the draw-off capacity drawn off in the DHW system. The design also ensures automatic Legionella protection through complete charging of the tank to a high temperature.

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