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Hall climate solution ensures ideal storage conditions in wine production facility

Hall climate solution ensures ideal storage conditions in wine production facility

In the newly constructed building complex of Winzer Krems, the hall climate solution from Hoval creates ideal production and storage conditions for Krems wine by ensuring constant temperatures and optimum humidity.

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Founded over 80 years ago, Winzer Krems has developed into Austria's most comprehensive quality wine producer. Twenty two Hoval TopVent units for heating, cooling and ventilation are located in the new hall.

Production hall: Top standards in hygiene and working conditions

In addition to a pleasant indoor climate for the employees, the hygiene standards in the bottling facility were essential. Clemens Fuchs, Technical Manager at Winzer Krems says: "We fill 15,000 bottles per hour with Grüner Veltliner and other quality wines. Clean air is particularly important here."
The TopVents ensure a pleasant temperature of 20°C and keep the humidity in the desired range. Big advantage: It only takes one system to heat and cool the hall. Thanks to the sophisticated technology, a single device is sufficient to moderate up to 900m² and at the same time regulate the humidity. In addition, the high heating and cooling capacity of the TopVent system makes it possible to reduce the number of devices required. The site thus benefits from maximum comfort with less effort.

Recirculation system for optimal wine storage at constant temperatures

The total capacity of the facility is around 13 million litres of wine – 70% white wine and 30% red wine. For optimal storage conditions, a constant temperature of 17 to 18°C should be kept. "It's easy in winter, but in summer it requires sophisticated technology," says Clemens Fuchs. In the 16-metre-deep cellar, the right climate is also crucial for the production processes of the wine varieties. It is also important that the system maintains the right humidity. The installation company Getec, responsible for the entire building technology of the new construction project, also relied on Hoval's solution competence here. The TopVent Recirculation Units distribute the air fully automatically by means of an integrated air injector. The hall air conditioners were specifically positioned at various points under the ceiling and divided into six control zones. This results in a flexible, tailor-made system solution that ensures the right conditions in every area.

Heating, cooling, ventilation with central control

The technicians involved appreciate the advantages of the new building, confirms Clemens Fuchs: "Everything could be planned and implemented perfectly." The central control for the six control zones is located in the middle of the building.
This keeps the lines short and facilitates operation and maintenance of the system. Based on the first practical experience, the continuous optimisation of the control takes place. "Hoval is very solution-oriented and quickly finds a way to reach the goal even for individual requirements," says the technical director of the winery, who is highly satisfied with the cooperation. "The communication channels are short and, if necessary, someone is always on hand with help and advice."