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Beverage logistics center: Hall climate solution enables ideal storage conditions in different temperature zones

Beverage logistics center: Hall climate solution enables ideal storage conditions in different temperature zones

Creating perfect storage conditions on 10,000 m² was the challenge at Del Fabro Kolarik's beverage logistics center in Vienna. Hoval's sophisticated hall climate solution ensures evenly distributed and constant temperatures.

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Del Fabro Kolarik – a subsidiary of Ottakringer Getränke AG – has specialised in beverage wholesale for the catering industry for 85 years. The range includes over 8,000 different beverages, including exclusive brands, rarities and constantly new trends from Austria and all over the world. Since 2019, a complete solution from Hoval has ensured ideal climate zones in the beverage warehouse with attached offices. Originally, three products from different manufacturers were planned for heating and cooling. The Hoval TopVent recirculation unit, designed for high halls, combines both functions. Therefore, they opted for a complete system from one manufacturer. 

"The variety of our products and their specific storage conditions place enormous demands on heating and air conditioning technology. With Hoval, we have a partner at our side who is prepared for this and has tailored the solution to our needs," states project manager Clemens Sadnik.

Clemens Sadnik, Project Manager at Del Fabro Kolarik

Constant temperature in the high-bay warehouse

The biggest challenge was the fully automatic 650m² and 20 meter high warehouse. It houses 24,000 boxes, each with up to 24 bottles, before they are delivered. Clemens Sadnik said:

In our automatic warehouse, a constant temperature of 18 degrees Celsius must prevail all year round, as the stored wines and spirits react very sensitively.

For automatic heating or cooling and an even temperature distribution, six TopVent TP units were installed. "Each of them is fed by a powerful heat pump," says Christoph Steinhäusler, Head of Product Market Management Air Conditioning technology at Hoval. A photovoltaic system with an output of 310kWp on the roof of the automatic warehouse feeds the system with 100% renewable energy. "With solar power, hall cooling can be operated extremely economically and environmentally friendly," says Clemens Sadnik.

Christoph Steinhäusler, Head of Product Market Management Air Conditioning at Hoval

One of the requirements at Del Fabro Kolarik: cooling and heating the high-bay warehouse. The goal is a constant temperature and an even temperature distribution.

Indoor climate solution for individual temperature zones

In order to meet the various requirements outside the automatic warehouse – be it in terms of temperatures or operating times – the area is divided into six control zones. These are heated by 22 needs-based adjustable
TopVent TH units in combination with the UltraGas condensing boiler from Hoval. Christoph Steinhäusler explains:

The hall air conditioners and the gas condensing boiler are perfectly matched to each other and run at a very low system temperature, which further increases the efficiency of the heating.

The TransTherm aqua for hygienic hot water preparation and the EnerVal energy buffer storage system complete the sophisticated solution. The air conditioning technology for the entire logistics center, including offices, is controlled and monitored via a single interface.

With bundled competence to success

The installation of the tailor-made hall air conditioning system for Del Fabro Kolarik was carried out in cooperation with Hoval's partner Licht Loidl. "Thanks to the close cooperation of all participants, we managed to place the heating and ventilation centre in the middle of the building. As a result, we were able to massively save on cable lengths and thus on costs," said Mr. Sadnik. Accepting challenges and finding innovative solutions is the basis for successful cooperation.