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Why Porsche and Veeser Plastic chose Hoval

Why Porsche and Veeser Plastic chose Hoval

Hoval UK are currently working on a number of Indoor Climate System projects, and we're always interested in completed projects from our colleagues, like these in Germany and Austria.

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Veeser Plastic

Veeser Plastic is considered one of the most important German companies for technically demanding injection molding processes. The high-quality injection molded parts are installed in a wide variety of industries such as the automotive industry, packaging and medical technology as well as mechanical engineering. The special conditions required in plastic production place high demands on the air conditioning system. Veeser Plastic therefore decided to integrate a Hoval hall climate solution.

"Having reliable partners at your side is essential for such a large project. Our property developer recommended hoval for the room and hall air conditioning technology. We then looked at a number of reference projects and were quickly convinced of the quality of the products," says Christoph Dommermuth, Technical Operations Manager at Veeser Plastic, about the decision to rely on Hoval as a partner. Four decentralised RoofVent Devices in the production hall ensure a pleasant indoor climate around the clock and permanently fresh and filtered air.

The air in production halls is often particularly heavily polluted by the hours of machinery use. In the Veeser Plastic hall, around 40 employees are employed daily in the production of various plastic parts. The processing of the plastic in the injection moulding machines generates emissions that, means it is essential to have an efficient and reliable air conditioning system.

"In order to protect the health of our employees, a ventilation system with a special, high-quality filter  is required. This is the only way to ensure that the air is free from dust, pollen and possible harmful fumes," Christoph Dommermuth about the special requirements for a hall climate solution at Veeser Plastic.

They also integrated heat recovery in order to maintain the temperature of both the production hall and administration building.

"The waste heat from the injection moulding machines is used for the entire production hall by the Hoval hall climate solution for heat recovery. In this way, up to 84 percent of the heat is recovered from the exhaust air – this is efficient and saves energy," explains Hoval sales representative Florian Schmidlehner. The patented Air Injector ensures draught free and efficient air introduction and distribution in the lounge area. This also has a positive effect on the temperature stratification in the hall.

This project included four Hoval RoofVent units, and a Hoval UltraGas boiler.

Porsche Austria

At the Porsche parts sales center in Wals-Siezenheim, a hall climate solution from Hoval was chosen for the heating renovation in the high-bay warehouse. This ensures a pleasant heat distribution to the floor in the 14-metre-high hall.

At the time of the renovation, the parts warehouse, which is located in the middle of the hall, was equipped with 20 air heaters from the 1980s. They did not manage to heat the entire hall evenly. With the switch to the more powerful TopVent – equipped with adjustable nozzles instead of the usual slats – it was possible to reduce down to six units.

Adjusted to Porsche's specific needs, the Air Injector directs the heat to where it is needed without creating a draft in the hall.

"The decisive element is the patented air distributor. With the adjustable guide vanes, the exhaust angle of the air is adjusted as required. The air is therefore blown in such a way that there are no drafts," says Hoval Product Manager Rainhard Ganster, explaining how the Air-Injector works. This creates an ideal working atmosphere for the employees. Even the light strip mounted at height remains unaffected by the air circulation.

Manfred Krempler, who is responsible for building services in Porsche Austria's component and spare parts warehouse at the Wals-Siezenheim site explains, "Hoval convinced us in terms of technology, but also with its individual advice and simple commissioning. We were able to integrate the new devices effortlessly into the existing building control technology and they have been working automatically ever since."

This project included six Hoval TopVent Units.