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Future-proof condensing technology for industry heating

Future-proof condensing technology for industry heating

To reduce carbon in industry, future-proof heating systems are needed that already meet the requirements set for 20 years’ time.

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To achieve climate goals, the political world is putting more responsibility on industry to act. In the building sector too, there is still a great deal that can be done to reduce greenhouse gases. With this in mind, planners in industrial construction are already being challenged to develop energy-efficient heating concepts that will help industry to reach carbon neutrality.

Industrial solutions: planning for tomorrow today

According to the experts, the first step on the path to carbon reduction is to reduce industrial energy consumption as much as possible. The second step is the widespread transition to renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics, heat pumps or biomass. However, in many industries and large buildings, there is no alternative to gas for generating the necessary process heat. But there is some good news: the latest generation of condensing boilers, such as the one that Hoval has recently launched, is greener than ever before and gas can in fact make a valuable contribution towards future-proof operation.

Gas condensing technology: renewable ready

Projects in the industrial sector are planned as long-term investments. When used in conjunction with highly efficient condensing technology and mixed with biomethane, natural gas becomes a sustainable source of energy – as the UltraGas 2 from Hoval has proven. UltraGas condensing boilers have been known for their long-standing operational reliability and cost-effectiveness for over two decades.
For the latest generation of high output boilers, Hoval has once again honed each and every component and maximised efficiency, control response and energy savings. As a result, owners benefit from a reliable high-tech system and low operating costs. What’s more – and just as importantly in this day and age – the UltraGas 2 is renewable ready, meaning that no further investment costs will be required to achieve a carbon-neutral future despite using a gas heating system.

Sustainable hybrid systems from a single source

To satisfy the requirements of large operations, hybrid – i.e. the combination of gas condensing technology with heat pumps, pellet systems or solar plants – is often the solution put forward. Planned around individual needs and professionally installed, the overall system is more cost effective and demand led than any individual module. A high proportion of renewable energy sources are easier to implement – without any compromise in performance, operational reliability or comfort. The TopTronic E system controller ensures that each and every unit works together perfectly, while HovalConnect enables the building technology team to control the system online. What’s more, the HovalSupervisor control software helps to monitor various systems as well as to optimise how they run.

Maximum performance, minimum space

The features of the UltraGas 2 mean it is perfectly qualified for a whole host of industrial applications – whether for heating buildings or for process heat. This is made possible through the innovative TurboFer heat exchanger and its optimised heat transfer efficiency which achieves operating temperatures of up to 95 degrees.

The system’s large water capacity also helps to boost efficiency. Despite all of these great features, this state-of-the-art gas heating system requires very little space due to its extremely compact design. Well thought-out details mean that it is easy to replace the boiler or incorporate it into existing systems. If very high outputs are required, Hoval also offers the UltraGas 2 as a double boiler or in a cascade configuration.

Hoval’s experts are always happy to offer you their expertise during the technical design stage. Contact us for a free consultation.

Whatever the industrial project may be – a new building, conversion, extension or renovation, expert service comes as standard with every high-quality system from Hoval.