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Sustainable and renewable heating with biomass

Sustainable and renewable heating with biomass

Sustainability and heating costs are the main points to consider when it comes to a heating system. A biomass heating system is an interesting option. More sites are opting for heating with biomass and there are good reasons for it.

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What is biomass heating? pelletheizung-vorteile.jpg

Biomass heating systems use renewable, organic materials such as wood pellets to generate heat. Although CO₂ is also released during the firing of wood, the CO₂ balance of biomass is neutral. This is because a tree binds CO₂ from the air in the course of its growth. When this is burned, only as much CO₂ is released as was previously stored. A zero-sum game.
Heating with wood used to be very labour-intensive. Today, thanks to modern pellet heating systems, we no longer have to go into the forest and chop wood. On the contrary, the fuel (pellets) now comes directly to site. The pellets are conveyed fully automatically to the heating system.

What forms of biomass are used in such heating systems?

Biomass comes in different varieties.

  • Pellets
  • Chips
  • Logs 

Depending on which form of wood is used, the technology of the heating system also differs. For example, there are biomass heating systems specifically for pellets as well as the other variants. By choosing a particular boiler, you are also committing yourself to an energy source.

What are the advantages of pellet heating?

The great advantage of wood over fossil fuels is that it is considered climate-neutral. For example, combustion only releases as much carbon dioxide as the plants have previously bound from the air. For this reason, wood pellets are among the CO₂-neutral energy sources.

Pellet heating systems offer a number of other advantages. First and foremost, there are the running costs. The operating costs of a pellet heating system are significantly lower than those of heating oil or gas.

Unlike burning logs, pellet heating systems are fully automatic. The electronics control the firing process. The system conveys fuel independently via a transport screw or suction system. Wood pellets are subject to strict standards. Unlike wood chips, this allows for almost emission-free combustion, and the heating system is much less prone to breakdowns.

Pellet boilers are ideal for older buildings with high flow temperatures. Therefore, they are particularly suitable as a replacement if an oil heating system was previously installed. In these cases, the previous tank room can be used as a pellet store.

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We focus on technologies that are as energy-efficient as possible. Our pellet boilers achieve a high level of efficiency of up to 98 percent. This not only protects the environment, but also reduces your heating costs.